Learn about how to break the 4 Habits that researchers use to predict divorce with 90% accuracy. 

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 How To Break the 4 Tiny Habits that Destroy Relationships


You are Re-evaluating a Relationship

If you are questioning "should I stay or should I go"..., or if you are wondering how much  distance you need to  put between you and someone else. This course will give you more clarity around what to pay attention to in your relationships to determine what part of the relationship problems are you problems vs. them problems. 

You Know What NOT To Do,  But You Can't Stop yourself in the Heat of the Moment

There is a gap between our values and our actions. And we talk about 4 strategies based on brain science to help you break these 4 toxic relationship habits.  You don't have to work harder, you just have to understand your brain works. Our 4 strategies are derived from what happens  during the  habit loop in the brain. If you can interrupt this pattern in the heat of the moment, than you can respond to the situation instead of react to it!

Small Issues Spiral into Big Fights

When something stupid becomes a big deal, it leaves you  thrown off, emotionally hooked and dis-regulated. Learn about the 4 worst habits  that underpin toxic relationship dynamics with others!

About Meimuna

I'm a relationship coach, course creator, and speaker. I'm passionate about helping my clients build better relationship habits based on brain science. Being an Ethiopian-American and a Muslim-American, I understand firsthand the unique challenges that can arise in relationships that span multiple cultures. In fact, my own marriage to my African American husband of over 20 years has taught me a lot about navigating these complexities. I love working with individuals and couples who live at the intersection of cultures, offering them guidance and support to create strong, healthy relationships that honor their unique identities and experiences.

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