Hey- Hey! I'm Meimuna (May- moon-a)! I'm a relationship coach for people who are in-between cultures. 

I help my clients identify and rewire their negative relationship habits, improve their communication skills, and develop a deeper understanding of their own needs and desires in their relationships. 

"Ultimately, growth and transformation happens alongside radical acceptance of ourselves and others- not despite it. " 

Research shows these 4 habits make you "Bad" at Love!

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Meimuna doesn't do cookie cutter. She has a way of sparking curiosity in me and drawing out the subconscious parts of my story. And progress just feels like a natural result of that.  

Janey Imaani 

Life Coach



When your identity and values are informed by different cultures- it's complicated. 

You grow up having to negotiate between two cultures.  East vs. West, Traditional vs. Modern, Communal vs. Individualistic.

You understand both, but don't fully fit in with either.  

And the closest people to you, the people who "should" get you,  sometimes simply don't.  

So you end up suppressing or hiding parts of yourself to bridge the gap. 

Here is the thing: you can have your cake and eat it too. Close and loving relationships aren't only for people who see eye to eye on things.    

What really matters are the relationship habits you have, especially when there is conflict. 

Neuroscientists estimate between 40%- 95% of our decisions are made by our habits!

What worked for you in the PAST is deciding for your relationships TODAY.  

The reality is relationships and habits are intertwined.

My Unique Approach...

I combine the neuroscience of making and breaking habits with relationships. 

  • Your habits affect your relationships..
  • Your relationships affect your habits
  • And then there are the relationship habits themselves

And they underpin our dynamics with others...

Wiring and unwiring habits is a skill- not just luck, or for people who have the luxury of time and energy. 

Truth: You can change the dynamic between you and others just by understanding how to make and break certain  "keystone habits".

They are the tiny core habits (researched backed) that have this nice little side affect of sparking a domino affect of other good habits. 

And when it comes to relationships, these small habits tend to improve the dynamics between you and others without having to fix and resolve every issue that stands in the way.


One-on-one Coaching

This is a gentle but powerful approach to transformation....

This is a judgement-free zone customized to your needs.

Gift yourself the chance to slow down, dump your overwhelm, find your center, and create more balance in your life.  

Getting personal coaching  has been the  habit that has single handedly changed my life more any other habit has.

When is the last time you had one whole hour to talk about whats important to you?

Group course

This is unlike any relationship course or habit course out there....

This course marries the skills of relational intelligence and the science of making and breaking habits.

We don't just talk about our relationship patterns and our triggers.... 

And we don't just work on the habits you can put on a checklist.... 

We rewire the habits deeply affect all of our relationships. 

And all this comes with the powerful benefit of having a community of people going through this journey alongside you.  

Free Mini-Course 

Research shows these 4 habits make you bad at love....

Tiny is mighty.

Research has shown these 4 habits- seemingly small and insignificant actually predict divorce with 90% accuracy. 

This free mini course walks you through the 4 habits that are wreaking havoc in your relationships and what you can do to break them. 

Praise and Testimonials

Bottom line- I trust her. She walks her talk. Every session feels like a tailor-made, custom dress that fits my day, my mood, my problem of the hour. 

And she doesn't let me get away with fluff. She keeps me real and doesn't let the conversation turn into a big vent-sesh. The biggest change I see in myself is my ability to connect the dots between all my inner patterns, my habits, and my relationships. I understand myself better than I ever have before. These sessions are pure gold!  


Ah-mazing! I worked with Meimuna over 10 years ago and those sessions had a huge impact on my life. Recently, I decided to reconnect again and I am so happy that I did because talking to her feels like talking to a caring and compassionate friend. And her holistic approach really makes me think outside the typical pop-psychology box.

I was feeling stuck in certain areas of my life. I made more progress in 3 months than I have in the last year! 


I HIGHLY recommend Meimuna- she is fantastic!!! The skills I learned in her habit course have been tremendously beneficial  day-to-day and I draw I what I learned in both my personal and professional life. I've even shared nuggets that I picked from this class with friends and family and they find it helpful as well! I like the structure of the course and she's really engaging making it easy to integrate the skills you learned into your routine. If you're on the fence, do it! This was 100 % worth it and I look forward to attending course with her in the future!


Best decision I've made in a long while! I've been stuck in life not knowing how to grow. It just took a couple of sessions for things to seem different. And now I'm very optimistic about what the future holds for me. If you need direction and clarity on how to live closer to your purpose- this is for you! Truly blessed.


Free Mini-Course

Research shows these Tiny 4 Habits Ruin Relationships!

They predict divorce with 90% accuracy!  Learn how to break these habits based on brain science!